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Beams to analyze41030
Beams copied to orion41030
Beams >10% processed0 (0 %)
Beams >50% processed0 (0 %)
Beams >90% processed0 (0 %)
Beams >99% processed0 (0 %)
Beams 100% processed0 (0 %)
Beam equivalent to successful work39805.7 beams
Incoming canonical result rate today0.0 beams/day
Incoming canonical result rate (7-day average)0.0 beams/day
Preprocessing data rate today beams/day
Preprocessing data rate (7-day average)0.0 beams/day
Days to process remaining data days
Last updated: Wed Mar 20 04:00:19 CET 2019

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Search Progress Sky Map