Einstein@Home Binary Radio Pulsar Search Progress Page

Search progress
Beams to analyze156346
Beams copied to orion132184
Beams >10% processed104096
Beams >50% processed104067
Beams >90% processed104032
Beams 100% processed103553
Re-processed beams1829
Beam equivalent to successful work973.4 beams
Incoming canonical result rate today4.5 beams/day
Incoming canonical result rate (7-day average)4.3 beams/day
Days to process remaining data36133.2 days
Last updated: Wed Mar 3 14:00:12 CET 2021

This page shows the progress of the Einstein@Home processing of PALFA Mock spectrometer data from Arecibo Observatory.

General remarks

All plots are based on the incoming Einstein@Home results at the end of the processing pipeline. Therefore, they do not immediately reflect the amount of work sent out on Einstein@Home.

Clicking on the title of any plot, or the plot itself, will bring up a pdf of the plot in a new window or tab.

The first two rows of graphs visualise the total amount of work done and the rate of progress along with some diagnostics of typical error rates.

The skymap plots in the bottom row show the progress of the survey observations, the amount of observational data copied to the AEI Hannover and to the pre-processing machine at the AEI, and the analysis progress of individual beams.

All rate plots (first two rows) below on a single page: overview.

Canonical Results Total
Daily Canonical Result Rate
Daily Invalid Result Rate
Daily Client Error Rate
Daily Validate Error Rate
Daily Weird Error Rate